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  • The trusted third party on the French market
  • Offering information, comparison, consulting and intermediation on financial products and services for individuals and professionals
  • Expertise and an even broader offering: loans, insurance, investments and banking
  • The sector's most extensive nationwide network of franchised branches
Our strategy

Our strategy : A comprehensive offering

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auto/motorcycle insurance
real estate loan
loan insurance
auto / motorcycle insurance + home insurance + complementary health insurance
professional financing
loan consolidation real estate loan
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borrower's insurance underwriting / management
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Specialized Media in Personal Finance
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Meilleurtaux.com, French leader
in the fields of credit and borrower's insurance

An innovative site and exclusive mobile apps

New services : Videos, guarantee comparison service, infographics, mapping, etc.

2 iOS and Android apps
(mobile and tablet)

A new extension to add a "Credit" dimension to your real estate searches, and return more easily to your favorite ads.

The Borrower Protection offer has been awarded with the Excellence 2018 Dossiers de l'Epargne label Label Excellence 2018

Services offered on the website : mortgages, borrower's insurance, auto/motorcycle insurance, home insurance and other insurances, consumer loan, debt consolidation, banking fees comparison, savings accounts, professional financing, energy and broadband offers comparison


More than 340 branches in France

The best and largest nationwide network of 100% franchised branches

carte france

2019 figures

  • More than 50,000 new projects
  • More than 35 million visits to the website
  • 1 telephone platform and 1300 employees
  • More than 10€ billion in loan production
  • More than 5% market share

the debt consolidation specialist


Meilleurtauxsolutions.com offers its clients solutions to :

  • reduce monthly payments ;
  • or generate new lending capacity thanks to debt consolidation.
  • Partnerships with nine lending establishments, i.e. 100% of specialized lenders.

2019 figures

  • 3 th largest player in the industry
  • More than 80 remote advisors to manage applications
  • 5 000 client funded
  • More than
    20years of experience in loan consolidation

Meilleureassurance, a complete range
of property and casualty, provident and health insurance

Meilleureassurance.com,a complete range to compare insurance policies :

Auto, motorcycle, borrower, home, health, funeral,animals.

A unique positioning : comparison of the best online rates and offers of physical proximity agencies Through www.meilleurtaux.com and www.lecomparateurassurance.com websites

2017 figures

  • 3rd on the market
  • More than
    15 million
    visits on the website

MeilleurtauxPro, Number One business loan
and comparison service

Exclusive positioning

  • An online form dedicated to professional loans, 2 500 applications on average received per month which are sent to Meilleurtaux.com agencies specialized in professional credit: We are at the closest with SME’s and their projects in France.
  • Business clients are put in contact with the establishment best suited to their needs,
    whether banks or crowdfunding platforms, quickly and in the best possible conditions.

2019 figures

  • More than 100 Million €
    brokered in profesionnal loans
  • More than 500
    new projects funded by our partners
  • More than 50
    agreements with traditional banks or specialized financiers
  • More than 2 500 applications completed online per month
  • 200 agencies specialized in professional loans (SME)

the benchmark for bank fees

Bank fee comparison service

  • Instant comparison of 160 banks (1,000 bank offerings) to find the fee structure most suited to your profile
  • An index of special offers from online banks

2019 figures

  • More than
    135% of users in 2019
    compared to 2016
  • 259 quotes in the media
  • 400,000 simulations of bank charges carried out since 2017

more advice and less fees to boost your savings

  • Boost your savings with no-fee life insurance contracts regularly awarded by the press
  • Invest in a selection of SIICs / REITs, through life insurance or directly
  • Every day, decipher the economy with Marc Fiorentino's Morning Zapping. Every weekend, dig deeper with the weekend topic!
  • Enjoy support on your stock strategy with the subscription of “MF Privé”.

Reach our Meilleurplacement.com advisors on the phone and in our agencies of Paris, Rennes , Cannes and Bordeaux.

2019 figures

  • Nearly
    800 M€ in assets under management.
  • More than 200,000 subscribers to the newsletter

FrenchMortgageSpecialist enables and eases the financing
for Non-Residents willing to invest in French residential Real-Estate

Are you an Expatriate or a non-resident and you would like to invest in French real-estate from abroad ?

Relying on Meilleurtaux.com Group’s expertise and their network of agencies within the French territory, FrenchMortgageSpecialist offers you :

  • Visibility on your investment capacities
  • Bespoke support from a dedicated financial advisor, all along the process of your financial operation, which will enable you to obtain a perfectly optimised financing
  • A streamlined and smooth process for your remote financing subscription
  • An assistance on all your operational key-topics : loan insurance, tax, interest rates, refinancing & debt consolidation if needed.

Multi-Impact, multi-brand
and multi-distribution broker manager

Multi-impact features an extensive offering of high-quality individual contracts, including subscription and management

a service for banks and broker/distributors

Comprehensive service offering :

  • Integrated application management (with three in-house medical advisors)
  • Assistance to brokerage and insurance partners
  • More than 350,000 transmitted contracts
  • A team of 150 specialists in borrower's insurance
  • 20 partnering insurance companies

B2B loan insurance broker

Exclusive guarantee comparison service

  • To instantly compare insurance offerings

Comprehensive offering

  • Complete range of individual policies
  • The Afexia bonus: the “TousAssurés” offering for non-standard risks logo argus

Platform for easy management

  • With an experienced case management team
  • 10years of experience in borrowers' insurance
  • partnerships with major insurance companies
  • solutions that meet the demands of ccsf*
*The Financial Sector Advisory Committee (CCSF) studies issues associated with relations among financial institutions (lending institutions, insurance companies and investment firms), as well as their clients. On July 1, 2014, the French Minister of Finance and Public Accounts called upon CCSF to implement an agreement concerning guarantee uniformity for borrowers' insurance. This agreement is intended to help borrowers take advantage of competition.

independant distributor specialized in loan insurance



  • Pioneer in the borrowers market
  • Partnerships with major insurance companies


  • Implementation of performing solutions
  • Assurea exclusive contracts : all rewarded since 2010


  • + 15 years OF EXPERIENCE
  • more than 150 000 insured loans
  • 800 active partners
  • 18 employees

MoneyVox (formerly known as cBanque)
Specialized Media in Budget

Learn about budget issues and save by comparing suppliers

Previously called cBanque.com, launched in 2003, MoneyVox.fr is a website specialized in budget issues and personal finance.

With more than 40 million visits in 2019, MoneyVox.fr is today the leading reference in France for news related to banks, loans and investments, and broadens its scope on the main budget items: damage insurance, electricity, gas ... and all consumer topics.

The site also offers online calculators, product comparisons as well as a very active forum.

  • 40 million
    visits in 2019

Master Training Development,
professional training specialist

Master Training Development supports companies within the industries of banking, finance, real estate and insurance at all key phases of their training strategies with technical and behavioural tailor made programs.

MTD designs e-learning, mobile learning, classroom training and blended training programs.

  • 1.1 M€ in revenue
  • 1 800 trained professionals
  • More than 30 000 hours of training
  • An internal team of 5 people and a team of external trainers.